Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions & answers for you!

What size does the portrait come in?

Most common photo sizes are 8×10, 11×14, 16×20, 18×24 which you can select at checkout BUT we can create any size canvas you want (all the same price too!).

Where do I print my portrait?

You will receive the files which are used for high quality printings. You can bring it to your local printing shop, Staples, UPS – any spot that prints! Or online like Amazon Prints. More info on how to print my custom design.

Can I get another animal designed?

We love all animals! So yes, we can design a custom pet portrait for any animal you want.

Can I have more than one pet in a portrait?

Yes! We have a multiple pet portrait option where you can select more than 1 dog. 

How do I receive the artwork?

Once we are done your portrait we will personally send it to you via e-mail with instructions. We will reply right away if you have any questions too!

How long does it take?

You will receive a version of your dog portrait in 3-5 days depending how many dogs you have in the portrait.

Do you provide the frame for the artwork?

We personally send the artwork to your e-mail so that you can print and have the choice to frame it however you’d like – or do whatever you want with the portrait! (magnet, phone case, mug, etc.)

Can I have a different background?

Yes! We are currently designing your modern dog portrait style with your dogs name at the top AND we are now providing your portrait with your favorite sports team in the background. Perfect gift for the man cave!

What makes a good photo?


We have simple photo guidelines of what would be the best photo to send for the perfect custom dog portrait. Check them out here and if you have any questions just message us!

How do I create a phone case?

We think these are awesome for phone cases! So there are tons of sites out there that allow you to easily upload your photo and they will customize the case for you. Click here to create a phone case.

What if you're not happy with your portrait?

We will make sure you are fully satisfied. Just let us know of any adjustments needed and we will make it right.

My photo isn't uploading, can you help?

We are still picking out all the fleas on the site. If you’re having trouble uploading your dogs photo then contact us directly and we will get it fixed!

Is there a return policy?

If you are unhappy with your final, we ask that you reach out to our customer service team within 24 hours of receiving your delivery. We will work with you on making things right.

Can I contact you directly?

Sure! Feel free to fill out the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.